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Politicians and Taxes

I don't consider myself Republican nor Democrat. I watch what both political sides do and vote for the candidate who has my best interest in mind. I have voted both sides. I think it's important that you watch what politicians do and understand the implications to laws they attempt to pass. I know it's not good to talk politics because people tend to judge you based on your … [Read More...]

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Did You Join Network Marketing Or A Gang?

As someone who has now spent a small amount of time in the network marketing industry, I am amazed at the lessons that I constantly learn about people. This industry … [Read More...]

myecon compensation plan

myEcon Compensation Plan Explanation Video

This is June Collier's explanation of the myEcon Compensation Plan. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a stickler for having an educated team. I believe you can … [Read More...]

Do not give up

Failed Network Marketers: Learn to create wealth with your own money.

I am looking for network marketers who have tried direct sales before and have not had the success they had hoped for. I am looking for network marketers who are … [Read More...]

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Are You Winning In Network Marketing?

Are you winning in network marketing? You will know if you are tracking your income and expenses properly. Most networkers are playing a game of lottery. Many years … [Read More...]


Did You Quit or Change Vehicles?

Recently, I was reflecting on the thought of the definition of quitting. Specifically as it relates to network marketing. I have come to realize that many people … [Read More...]

ask for pay raises

Women Should Not Ask For Pay Raises

Don't Ask For Pay Raises Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, recently made a ridiculous statement when asked how should women ask for pay raises when they feel … [Read More...]