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Facebook Engagement Fakes

Are You Creating Facebook Engagement Fakes?

What Are Facebook Engagement Fakes? I have noticed a lot of people creating posts on Facebook asking random questions to get their audience engaged. I noticed this first when a close marketing friend started doing this on her post. After seeing her do it the third time, I realized it was a marketing strategy and asked her about it. She admitted that indeed it was a strategy to … [Read More...]

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youtube thumbnail

How To Create A Professional YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail Question One of the questions I am often asked is, "June, how did you create that YouTube Thumbnail? It looks so professional." You would be … [Read More...]

Facebook Friend Request

How Network Marketing Pros Accept Facebook Friend Requests

Facebook Friend Requests Over the last six weeks, I have been studying and tweaking my activity on Facebook. Like many, I've been on Facebook for the last several … [Read More...]

5linx warm market sponsoring

5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secret #2

In our last blog post we wrote about 5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secret #1 which was Don't Sell The Opportunity... Share The Opportunity. In this post we will … [Read More...]

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5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secret #1

There are seven 5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secrets, this is secret #1 As you know, your warm market are the people that you already know and have a relationship … [Read More...]

attend 5linx nationals

Attend 5LINX Nationals: 4 Reasons Why

If you are a 5LINX representative you have heard the saying, “You’re not in 5LINX until you attend a 5LINX Nationals training event.” So the question remains, is … [Read More...]

Lose Weight with Montavida Coffee

How To Lose Weight With Montavida Coffee by 5LINX

Can You Actually Lose Weight With Montavida Coffee by 5LINX It has been rumored that you can lose weight with Montavida Coffee. This has a lot of coffee drinkers … [Read More...]