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Can I Get Wealthy with Tax Deductions?

I was having a conversation today with a fellow and he said, "June, saving money on taxes is great but that's not going to create wealth." I paused for a moment before giving a brief answer. The timing of the conversation we were having did not permit me to go into great detail so I decided to blog about it here and let my readers determine if tax deductions are a big deal or … [Read More...]

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Facebook Engagement Fakes

Are You Creating Facebook Engagement Fakes?

What Are Facebook Engagement Fakes? I have noticed a lot of people creating posts on Facebook asking random questions to get their audience engaged. I noticed this … [Read More...]

youtube thumbnail

How To Create A Professional YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail Question One of the questions I am often asked is, "June, how did you create that YouTube Thumbnail? It looks so professional." You would be … [Read More...]

Facebook Friend Request

How Network Marketing Pros Accept Facebook Friend Requests

Facebook Friend Requests Over the last six weeks, I have been studying and tweaking my activity on Facebook. Like many, I've been on Facebook for the last several … [Read More...]

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5linx warm market sponsoring

5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secret #2

In our last blog post we wrote about 5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secret #1 which was Don't Sell The Opportunity... Share The Opportunity. In this post we will … [Read More...]


5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secret #1

There are seven 5LINX Warm Market Sponsoring Secrets, this is secret #1 As you know, your warm market are the people that you already know and have a relationship … [Read More...]

attend 5linx nationals

Attend 5LINX Nationals: 4 Reasons Why

If you are a 5LINX representative you have heard the saying, “You’re not in 5LINX until you attend a 5LINX Nationals training event.” So the question remains, is … [Read More...]