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Can I Change My Sponsor In 5LINX

Can I change my sponsor in 5LINX?

Have you ever asked, "Can I change my sponsor in 5LINX?" Getting involved in a business opportunity like 5LINX can be daunting. Most people want to do their due diligence on the company before joining. However, they often don’t do their due diligence on their sponsor or team that they have gotten involved with. Once they have joined the business, they sometimes learn that … [Read More...]



5LINX ATLANTIC CITY 2014 | What’s Happening Itinerary

What’s happening with 5LINX Atlantic City 2014? One of the best things you will find out about 5LINX is its commitment to train its representatives so that they can … [Read More...]

the power of one in 5linx

The Power of One in 5LINX

Have you ever heard of the power of one in 5LINX? What would happen if your 5LINX business grew at the rate of one person per month? That is, what if you only … [Read More...]

i don't have time

5LINX OBJECTION: I Don’t Have Time

I Don't Have Time It’s funny that you say that. I said the same exact thing when I was introduced to this business opportunity. I didn’t feel like I had any time to … [Read More...]


how much are you making

5LINX Objection: How Much Are You Making?

In this post, we are going to handle the 5LINX Objection: How Much Are You Making? If you are a network marketer, there will come a point in your business where … [Read More...]

Handle Objections

How To Properly Handle Objections in 5LINX

6 Steps To Properly Handle Objections Smile Yes, the first step to handle objections is to smile. Be warm, friendly and inviting. Never take offense to an … [Read More...]

5LINX Montavida Coffee

5LINX Offers A New Coffee – 5LINX Montavida Coffee

5LINX Montavida Coffee The word is out about 5LINX Montavida coffee... sort of. Last night at a team meeting we were finally told about one of the many new products … [Read More...]