BWSuitMy name is June Collier. I train and coach independent representatives of various network marketing (MLM) companies. Students learn how to brand themselves online using web 2.0 and social media tools. I am responsible for teaching these home based business entrepreneurs how to set themselves apart from thousands of other amateur marketers.

Instead of building a list of friends and family to peddle their mlm’s to, students learn how to market themselves so that people see them as experienced leaders. They gain a competitive edge by learning how to implement attraction marketing so that prospects call THEM to inquire about THEIR business opportunity.

But enough about what I do; allow me to share with you my story.

whitesI was first introduced to network marketing during the fall of 1993. I was a military recruiter at the time and the 18 year old kid who I was trying to recruit into the military told me about a business he was involved in. He bargained with me and agreed that he would listen to my sales pitch if I would speak with his up-line sponsor. Needless to say, I agreed and the rest was history.

I met with his sponsor and was blown away by the content of the presentation, the dreams his sponsor painted for me, the network marketing diagram (a board full of circles) and the compensation plan. I was totally awe struck. I had never seen anything like this before and I immediately got it. I really thought this was my ticket to freedom.

Imagine my luck…all I had to do was find half a dozen buddies who saw what I saw, and I would have it made for the rest of my life. You can imagine what happened next.

I literally ran back to my friends to tell them the good news… however they didn’t get as excited as I had. In fact, they ridiculed me and made jokes about the fact that an 18 year old kid had scammed me. They warned me to stay away from the entire network marketing industry.

Even though I was only four years older than that 18 year old kid, I really believed that what he had introduced me to was the best opportunity I had ever seen. None of my military buddies ever talked about financial independence. They visioned dreams of retiring after 20 years of service… but that wasn’t impressive. I knew plenty of people who had retired from the military and they all still had to go out and work a regular job to make ends meet. That was not the life style I wanted for myself or my family.

I simply could not take their advice; I had already been bitten by the opportunity bug. So I became an undercover network marketer. You know what I am talking about. I would rush off to Thursday night meetings after work and wouldn’t tell anyone about what I was doing. I would make excuses as to why I needed to leave the office early on meeting nights and would get extremely irritated if I had to work overtime.

For the first several months I went to every meeting I could go to. I bought every book and tape I could get my hands on and purchased the products that began to stack up in my garage. You see, I could not build my business the way they told me to because I was an undercover network marketer. They told me to build a list of my friends and family. Unfortunately, that did not seem like an option for me since I had already been ridiculed by my warm market.

So I failed in that business. But I didn’t give up hope. I still believed there was a way for someone like me to make money in the network marketing industry. I just needed to find the right vehicle. So I began searching for the next hottest business opportunity. I must have gotten involved in almost every business opportunity under the sun. When I say that I tried them all… I really tried them all.

In fact, I bet most of you can relate to my story. I learned the hard way that no one really makes thousands of dollars from stuffing envelopes. I also learned that (for the incredibly low price of only $39.95) no one makes $500 a week working part-time, making easy to assemble products from home. Do you remember the chain letters where you send $1 each to a list of 10 people and then move yourself up on that list?… I did that too!

I have bought into more “home based business opportunities scams” over the years than I can count.

By now you would think that I would have given up on the whole network marketing; work-from-home industry wouldn’t you? Well, in fact, I actually did.

One day I woke up and decided that my friends were right all along. Network marketing was a scam and not for me. I was tired of the Thursday night meetings and the rah-rah sessions. I needed to stop dreaming and get into reality.

With that, I quit network marketing, left the military and set off to seek success in corporate America. And boy did I find it.

seminarAfter leaving the military, I started working for Xerox and my career seemed to progress on the fast track. In a few short years I found myself working for and consulting with major companies like Google, Microsoft, Deloitte & Touche, and Wachovia Bank.

I went from making $35,000 in the military to commanding a six figure income in corporate America… baby, things were good!

But guess what? The passion for network marketing was still hiding somewhere deep inside of me. I kept thinking about how much sense the marketing plan made. If I could just only get it to work like I had seen a few other network marketers do.

I won’t bore you with all the details but a few years ago I started looking again. Even though I had a good banking job as an Assistant Vice President, I still wanted to build a network marketing business. I knew it was possible to reach my goals and dreams if I simply had a vehicle that could help me get there. Network marketing was that vehicle.

This time when I looked at network marketing I had resources available to me that I didn’t have those many years ago. I was exposed to how business was conducted in corporate America and after working for both Google and Microsoft, I had a lot of experience using technology. That’s when I decided to start get involved with network marketing again.

So, like a madd scientist,I started experimenting. Social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn were new on the scene. I began combining these different technology tools with some fresh marketing ideas I had.

Then it happened!

Senior Couple SeriesOne day I received a call from a retired couple who told me they were interested in joining my business. I was flabbergasted and caught off guard. Over the last several months I had tried so many things online that I had no clue as to how they found me. I asked them a few questions and they told me exactly what caused them to call me.

Do you want to know what they said?

They told me that they had been watching me over the last couple of weeks. They had read my blog postings and watched every video that I had posted on my YouTube channel. They had even subscribed to my free email “boot-camp training”. Based on what they knew about me, I was the leader that they had decided to follow.

This call was the turning point of my entire online network marketing business. You see for the first time, I had interested strangers who were calling me asking… no begging… to join my business opportunity. This had NEVER happened before.

There was no rejection and no selling needed. They simply had a few questions about the opportunity. I gave them all the information they needed and within 5 minutes they were signed up under me as distributors!

Do you know what it feels like to go from begging friends and family to view your business presentation to having complete strangers calling you, asking how can they join you in your business? I had gone from hunting people to being hunted.

I started implementing these “attraction marketing” techniques and my business started to grow.

Once I reached $2500 a month, I started dreaming about the big house and fancy cars. I knew I was on my way to having five figure income months. I was going to be that guy you saw up on stage. The guy that everyone in the room wished was in their down-line. My success however was short lived.

Once I reached $3000 a month in my business, I hit a brick wall. I could not seem to grow my income beyond that amount. I seemed to be able to generate leads but my downline was unable to duplicate my success.

So, I started helping my downline by personally building marketing systems for them. I began to physically and mentally wear myself out trying to keep up with all the activity I was doing. I was becoming stressed out and my health started to decline.

I realized that I had created my own part time job that paid me $3,000 a month. It was good money but I was wearing myself out and on top of that, it wasn’t enough money. I needed three times more to replace the money I earned from my full time job… and it never happened.

So what did I do? I closed up shop and took some time off. Most of my network marketing buddies thought I had lost my mind (many of them still do). I was told that I was nuts for quitting when I did.

I knew that in order for me to figure out what I was missing, I was going to have to step away from it all and look at things from a different angle. Besides, that’s what residual income is all about right? I didn’t quit, I just stopped being active and went back to the drawing board to figure things out for myself.

After taking six months off from network marketing, I studied the biggest leaders in the industry. I even spent a couple thousand dollars to get some REAL mentoring from other successful marketers. It was then that I realized what had kept me from growing to having a five figure a month income. It was right there in my face the whole time and I totally ignored it. It was so simple that I allowed it to allude me.

Would you like to know what it was that I discovered?

howtomarketevoI bet you would. Within the pages of this website, you will find the blueprint of exactly what it takes to become successful. You will learn how to build your network marketing organization and recruit dozens of people into your organization each and every month.

And those who choose not to join your network marketing opportunity…. well, I will show you how to extract money from them too. :-)

I look forward to providing you with numerous of trainings on how to use technology to automate your marketing efforts. You’re also going to learn some very important leadership lessons that will make you so attractive to people that they will beg you to become their sponsor!

See you at the top and remember…

“Success Does Not Happen Over Night But One Night Success Happens!”

Best Regards,