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John Jones 5Linx and Patrice Jones – Platinum Senior Vice Presidents with 5Linx

John Jones 5LinxJohn Jones 5Linx – was introduced to network marketing by a good friend who he had played ball together in school. Initially John was skeptical about the industry because he did not know anything anyone who had become successful or anyone who had stayed with it for a long time.

He then asked John two questions:

  1. John, what do you own at your job?
  2. If the job left you what would be your financial game plan?

John could not answer either of these questions so he decided to take a serious look at the industry. Then he and his wife, Patrice, went down to review the company. A few days later, they got involved.

A short seventeen months later, the opportunity allowed John to retire from his job and three months later the opportunity retired his wife, Patrice, from her job. In twenty months the network marketing industry had allowed them to replace two corporate incomes.

People had told Patrice Jones that she was crazy for leaving corporate America. But Patrice looked at it another way, she could always go back to corporate America if it didn’t work out.  However, due to the success they have enjoyed, she never had to go back!

5Linx is a great opportunity because the products sell themselves. As John Jones 5Linx – states, “What we do is share and show the product.” John is excited about how the product is changing people’s lives to include soldiers, distant learners, and families who are long distances apart but can call up each other and see one another.

Quote from John Jones 5Linx

Our products actually bring families closer together.

John and Patrice Jones’ Secret to Success

Don’t focus on getting paid but focus on building other team partners. If you focus on making other people successful, your success will be automatic.

John Jones 5Linx -  and Patrice Jones are Platinum Senior Vice Presidents with 5Linx.

About June Collier

If you don’t have a real, step-by-step blueprint to generate a lot of leads and consistently sponsor new reps every week, you will not be in business for long. Let me share a plan that will change your business forever. Get access to 7 FREE videos that show how to attract prospects to you! — Click Here

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