Personal Branding – Step 1

Before you start marketing your business online, you need to think about your personal brand. This is what people will think of when they come to know you through your online presence. Your personal brand sets the tone to your online marketing.

Your Branded Name

Your branded names is who or what you want to be known as. Determining what your branded name will be is important because this is the message that will stick in people’s heads when they think of you. Do not take this point lightly.

Do you want to have a professional presence? Does your brand call for a more light and carefree message? Maybe humor is the angle of your brand. Whatever it is, you must decide upon that and stick with it. People like brands that they can put a label on.

At the barbershop where I get my hair cut, there is a lady that comes in selling cakes and pies. No one knows her real name… but she is called Ms. Cake Lady. That’s her brand and its easy to remember and works for her line of business.

Recently, I saw a truck in my neighborhood and on the side of the truck were the words, The Weed Man. Now before you go off and think I live in a rough neighborhood, this gentleman’s line of business is lawn care. His slogan is We Get Rid Of Your Weeds and Care For Your Lawn. His branding works because I have never forgotten the name of his business. I always chuckle to myself and wonder if he gets pulled over by the cops often.

My daughter’s name is Raven Cmone Collier and she is a fashion stylist. She has decided to brand herself as Ray Cmone in the fashion industry. Her name sounds like that of a person in show business. It is unique and sticks in the memory of those in her industry.

Finally, you can simply brand your name if you choose to. I have branded June Collier because again it is a unique name that is not often heard. My choice was simple, June was my nickname growing up as a child.

The question that you must ask yourself is what do you want to brand yourself as. It could be as simple as your personal name or more creative like The Weed Man. The key is to make your brand name memorable. Make sure it is easy to remember.

Once you have come up with your brand name, run it by a few people that you know to get their opinion. You will want to check the social media sites as well to see if your brand name is available.

See my video on How To Brand Your Name Across Social Media Platforms

As I was putting this together, it made me think about a gentleman in my network marketing company. He is a Platinum Senior Vice President and every time he announces himself he refers to himself as John O. Jones.

I noticed that he never leaves the O out. You see there are probably thousands of John Jones but when you mention John O. Jones… well you know that’s the guy who is a Platinum Senior Vice President in 5LINX.

Don’t take your brand for granted.

Your assignment for today is to write down some brand name ideas. Discuss your choices with family and friends and decide on what your brand name shall be.