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Here’s the question that I get all the time… “June, what opportunity are you involved with?”

I use to be hesitant to answer that question because initially my site was designed to provide non-bias information that helped network marketers no matter what industry or company they represented.  I wanted to be a benefit to their business building and not a distraction.

That being said, I am involved with a company that has literally changed my life. If you have been browsing my blog for more than 5 seconds you will know that the company is called 5LINX.

I am having so much success that I no longer can keep silent about it. I have turned my generic corporate network marketing blog into a 5LINX representative’s blog and I am not ashamed or apologetic for doing so.

Anyone that takes a hard look at 5LINX will see that it’s business model is unlike any other network marketing company and it simply makes sense. In our company we say:

dollars_and_cents“If it makes sense it makes dollars!”

5LINX offers essential products that people are already using and paying for every month. We tell people that they are already in 5LINX, they just haven’t positioned themselves to get paid from it yet.

Who do you know that turns on the lights in their home at night? Do you know anyone that watches cable or satellite television? Are any of your friends or family members paying for gas to warm up their homes or water to take a hot shower? Do they talk on the phone using Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint? Do they surf the Internet?

Chances are pretty strong you said yes to most of these questions. If that’s the case, then you, your family and friends are all using the services supplied by 5LINX. These are services that people will pay each and every month for the rest of their lives. They will never stop paying for these services and if they do, someone will quickly turn it off. Because these are essential services, they won’t leave them turned off for long.

But 5LINX gets better than offering essential services to residential customers. We also offer essential services to businesses. What business do you know that doesn’t use gas and electric to run its business? Would you struggle to name a business that doesn’t accept credit/debit card payments? And what business hasn’t started using text marketing to deliver it’s marketing message directly to their customer’s phone.?

5LINX has given independent marketing representatives an opportunity to participate in a unprecedented business niche that allows the average individual to earn residual income regardless of whether you are able to sponsor a large team or not.

That’s right! A brand new representative coming into the business can earn as much or more than an representative who has been in the business and promoted several times.

Would you care to hear about it?

My job is to expose this information to individuals who are curious to learn how this can be done and give them enough information to determine if this is a business that’s a fit for them. By no means is this a get rich quick scheme. There is hard work involved but the benefits are worth every inch of effort.

Watch my video below, and if you would like to learn how I was able to start having success so fast… simply call me. I am a very down to earth type guy and I love helping people.  If what I discovered makes sense to you… let me share with you how I was able to advance quickly on the fast track. 

There’s a blueprint to succeeding in this business and I am not afraid to share my blueprint with those who choose to become my business partners  and take this journey with me. If you have tried network marketing before and failed, you deserve to know how I can help you have different results. I once heard a man say, “Just because you had a bad meal doesn’t mean you stop eating.” Let’s talk about your situation.

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